Swift & Holland Chocolates

5912 Campbell Street

Hanahan, SC 29410


To contact us:

Phone: 843-747-5198

Fax: 843-747-6787

E-mail: aj@swiftholland.com


12 beautiful Credit Suisse Ingots in a high gloss

gift box weighing 18 ounces can also be done with

your name or company name and logo on them.



Learn the mysteries of chocolate in this new tasting kit

that not only lets you taste the different percentages of

cacoa in chocolate so you understand what you are

buying when you shop but also teaches you to make

your own chocolate from scratch using the ingredients

of chocolate supplied inside the second layer.

Re-introducing 1997 winner

of the SOPHIE Award for

Outstanding Confection, crispy Gourmet Chocolate Covered

Peanut Butter and Potato Chip


FUNSTUFF are cute playful small drink cups that

Are coated on the inside with chocolate, filled with popcorn and a chocolate treat. A clear cello wrapping and bow make a great inexpensive party favor, kids treat or a fun retail idea.