Swift & Holland Chocolates

5912 Campbell Street

Hanahan, SC 29410


To contact us:

Phone: 843-747-5198

Fax: 843-747-6787

E-mail: aj@swiftholland.com


Rich Café Mocha Hazelnut Organic chocolate comes in a hand made cacao leaf box that is eco friendly made in the emerging countries with fair wage compensation,

Helping people to help themselves. Each come with and explanation and certificate  of appreciation.

At ONE POUND of Pure Belgian

Chocolate, the world’s largest  

 truffel  is a marvel of the Chocolatier’s

art with various flavors available.

Custon edible image photo chocolates of ANY landmark, city, state or subject you want.  12

different edible images of you idea on one pound of delicious gourmet chocolate. Also available in

4 piece boxes.

Swift & Holland Chocolates

5912 Campbell St.  Hanahan SC 29410  843-747-5198  FAX 843-747-6787