Swift & Holland Chocolates

5912 Campbell Street

Hanahan, SC 29410


To contact us:

Phone: 843-747-5198

Fax: 843-747-6787

E-mail: aj@swiftholland.com





The likeness of anyone you want can be

cast in near life sized 12 pound chocolate

 sculptures by simply supplying us with a

few photos of the subject. Great for birthdays

 and other  important occasions.

Ryan Seacrest (left) and Anderson Cooper (above) have received them along with Brad Pitt, Regis Philbin, Matt Lauer, Perez Hilton, Billy Bush, and many others.

Half pound or one pound edible image chocolates of any Classical artist make spectacular gifts.

Times Square Chocolate bars with street

Break up bar inside and a map label

outside and for the calorie conscious, chocolate bars that tell you what each piece cost in calories.  We can also make custom wrapped candy bars using any

idea you have in quantities as low as 25 pieces.

Shell with chocolate pearl makes  everyone the lucky one.

Diamond Chocolate Bark is sparkling pieces of sugar

Which look like rough diamonds sparkling in delicious

gourmet chocolate. Also available in Amethyst and in

party or wedding favor size boxes.